Supreme Court It Is! NASA Ready For Another Amicus Curiae!

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The Supreme Court of Kenya. FILE
In a surprising twist, NASA Coalition led by Raila Odinga today announced that they will go to the Supreme Court to challenge the results of the just concluded Kenyan elections. In an address to the media and the nation at the Okoa Secretariat in Lavington, the opposition leader said that the Supreme Court will have a chance to 'redeem itself'.'

In 2013, after the general elections, Kenyans were treated to a variety of jargon and legalese such as 'amicus curiae' and watched as great legal minds battled to present their cases.
In the announcement today, NASA said that they have enough evidence to prove that the Jubilee Party rigged the election and resulted in a fraudulent election and computer generated leaders.
The statement, read by Mr. Odinga, said that they had come to the decision after the attacks to civil society and Kenya Human Rights Commission and AfriCOG. Although they had earlier said they would not go to court, today's statement is different.

Furthermore, we act on behalf of those who have been blocked from seeking redress in courts such as the sustained clampdown on the civil society that have attempted to go to court. NASA wants to show the world what transpired in the fraud. Even as we go to Court, we are cognizant of the fact that ever since Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto publicly warned the Judiciary, the IEBC has not lost a single case in court. We have decided to move to the Supreme Court despite the history and other recent circumstances. In similar circumstances in 2013, we moved to the Supreme Court to challenge the declaration by IEBC of Uhuru as President-elect. The manner in which the Court handled that petition was a travesty of justice. The Court decided all interim applications in favour of Kenyatta. The Court also allowed the counter petition filed in favour of Kenyatta but disallowed the two petitions against him. Uhuru won 100 per cent and we lost 100 per cent in court. Our decision to go to court constitutes a second chance for the Supreme Court. The Court can use this chance to redeem itself, or, like in 2013, it can compound the problems we face as a country. We will show how they shamelessly cooked results from non-existent polling stations and fake un-gazetted Presiding and Returning officers. They gave figures from non-existent Forms 34A and 34B; they scrambled to manufacture such forms; switched vote numbers; and how they openly swindled to reach predetermined consistent vote numbers. They cooked numbers to the extent that vote tallies often surpassed registered voters in polling stations. Kenya is always much larger than my individual ambition. But Kenya is definitely not too large for all of us to ensure that anyone who wins the people’s votes, and not the loser, is declared President. This is just the beginning. We will not accept and move on.

Many had advised the coalition to go to court if they had any evidence to prove that the elections were rigged. While Senior Counsel and other lawyers pocket millions from the case, it will remain to be seen who will carry the day. From previous cases, it is very likely that Senior Counsel Fred Ngatia will be part of the Jubilee legal team.

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