7 Strangest Things You Will Find In A Woman's Handbag

Louis Vuitton designer handbag. PHOTO | COURTESY
They have evolved to be a crucial part of a lady's wardrobe. These accessories come in different shapes, colors and sizes but it is what you can find in them that is extraordinary. Apart from the normal make-up, wet wipes, lip gloss, perfume and an extra pair of shoes, here are the top 7 strangest things you can find in there.

Candles: Seriously though, why would you carry a candle in your bag? Shouldn't it be somewhere in your kitchen waiting for that blackout or dinner?Don't even try to say that you forgot it there after shopping.

Morning After-Pill: Okay, Okay. I won't judge. Better be safe than sorry. Keep checking the expiry date.

Toys: Colorful, 'innocent' toys. Yes, those ones you are thinking about. So what happens in case your bag falls and everything gets strewn about. Haha..Keep them hidden.

A whistle: Well, this is rare but we have some women who carry this. For emergency situations, maybe? Oh, well. I can understand.

A set of screwdrivers: Not just one. A whole set. We can excuse the engineers but Miss. Secretary, where are you taking 5 screwdrivers? Not just today but daily. Chargesheet: Arrested in possession of dangerous weapons.

Wine cork(s): You drank expensive wine. But why do you keep them? They are definitely not reusable. It's October, one is from that 14th February dinner. Sentimental much?

Wedding Cards: The weddings were lovely but you are gradually building a library in there. Please, just move them to your drawer in the office or at home.

Handbags have become important status symbols.

“I loved all the admiring glances I got from my friends when I walked in with it," says one woman.

It used to be men who advertised their status,  with the flash car or expensive watch. Now women are earning more and competing at the top they too are signaling their status to others. They choose a bag  - usually a huge in-your-face tote - that says, I’m successful, I’m expensive, I’m chic. Many women at the top assess their own and other women’s status by the handbag they carry.

Men, don't ask to take a peek inside. For the sake of world peace. Those are sacred grounds no unworthy hands should get into.

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