Kenyans Troll Dennis Oliech For Being Broke, His Mother Is Battling Stage Four Cancer!

Dennis Oliech Broke Net Worth Football
A picture of celebrated footballer Dennis Oliech has surfaced online and Kenyans are having a field day commenting and trolling him.
The Star newspaper ran a story detailing how Oliech has fallen from glory and can no longer even pay his rent.
They claimed he has been kicked out of his Lavington home and is now drowning in cheap liquor to nurse his frustrations.
The Star did not care to fact check their story before publishing as it now turns out that Oliech's mum is sick battling stage four cancer. Oliech has reportedly spent more than 20 million shillings on his mother's treatment.
Some Kenyans on Twitter led by Abraham Mutai led a vicious cyber bullying campaign against Dennis Oliech not sparing his person and going ahead to accuse him of squandering his wealth on women and prostitutes.
Check out the posts.

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