Show Me Your Panties! Raila Odinga Demands The Unthinkable From His Supporters

When a woman recently stripped down on the streets during the anti IEBC protests in Nairobi, many believe she is a loner who had done this in the heat of the moment.
But if the video shared by Statehouse blogger Dennis Itumbi is anything to go by, hers was an action supported by many including the top leadership of NASA.
Dennis Itumbi took to social media to share a video that aims to show Raila Odinga asking his supporters, particularly women and youth, to strip down during the protests.
The video however does not show Raila Odinga's face.
The video shot from an aerial position, shows a man dressed in a white shirt telling them he wants to see all their panties the next day.
Nataka nione chupi za kina mama. Nataka nione chupi za wamama kwa barabara. Nataka nione chupi za vijana kwa barabara.
Watch the video below.

Many people however have dismissed Dennis Itumbi as an incompetent journalist who is fond making wild claims without verifying them in a bid to spread government propaganda.

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