Terror Is Coming! Moses Kuria Vows To Deploy Nairobi Business Community To Other Counties

Nairobi Business Community Mungiki Moses Kuria

Moses Kuria did not mince his words when he took to the podium today in Murang'a to announce that he will launch more Nairobi Business Community chapters in other counties around the country to quell violence during NASA demonstrations.
He recognized the group's activities which he said helped to bring back things to normal in previous NASA demos.
Moses Kuria said the group will be introduced in NASA strongholds to ensure that no disruption of business occurs during NASA protests.
Nairobi Business Community came into the limelight when a group of rough and mean looking dread locked individuals were given airtime in the mainstream media to air their views. They talked of their intentions to counter NASA protests in order to protect their businesses in the city.
NASA has since declared that the community is just another sect of Mungiki disguised as businessmen but meant to bring terror to individuals unwanted by the state.
Kenya Private Sector Alliance has since denounced the group saying none of their members have registered their businesses with KEPSA. The community has termed KEPSA as an elitist group that knows not what ails the small businessman.

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