10 Reasons You Should Totally Date A Teacher

The society and media have misled us to think that these beautiful people are boring and strict. Teachers, contrary to popular opinion, make excellent partners and parents. Here are 10 reasons why:

1. Thrifty and economical. Teachers don’t spend a lot of money because they don’t earn that much.You can be sure that they’re not motivated by money. It’s the kind of profession people pick because they love it.

2. Creative. When you stay around kids, your level of creativity is high up there because they are inquisitive and know no bounds.

3. A teacher possesses all those attributes you want in a person to date; passionate, caring, dedicated, loving and punctual.

4. You will be pretty much dating a superhero.It’s  also a future-proof relationship because you already know they’re great with kids.

5. A teacher can fit into any situation you throw at her/him. Nothing scares them. If things go really well, taking your teacher boyfriend or girlfriend home to meet the parents will be a much less nerve wrecking experience than normal – they’re pros in the parent charming department.

6. Extremely patient. A teacher is used to waiting, writing and explaining and explaining again.

7. Any gift you will give would mean the world to them. Because they’re used to cupcakes and hand-painted rocks.

8. A teacher will keep you laughing. You will hear some of the most unbelievable stories you could ever imagine. There is nothing better than teacher gossip.

9. No late week nights but weekends are all for you. Furhermore, vacation time will consist of sleeping in, coffee and movies. She is all yours.

10. You will feel famous in public, because you meet former students and current students and just about anyone who was in that school.

And they work harder than anyone you know. 
Always giving their best. Always trying to make the right decision. Always trying to find a solution to any problem and putting family first. 
Try for yourself.

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