Hilarious Reactions After Jackson Kibor Divorces His 68 Year Old Wife For A Slay Queen

Jackson Kibor Divorced
Jackson Kibor is an interesting man. He is often seen brandishing a gun at someone, refusing to pay parking fees or even public display of affection. The country is now used to all that.
But when the 81 year old veteran politician from Uasin Gishu took to the courts to ask for divorce from his wife of more than 50 years, he got tongues wagging.
He claimed his wife, with whom he had lived with for more than half a century, had abandoned him and he could not live longer if the marriage continued.
He has since married a 29 year old woman with whom he has sired several children.
The judge listened to him and granted him divorce. Speaking outside court, he said he will donate 10 acres to the ex wife and build her a house.
Here are funny reactions from twitter.

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