Unbelievable! Class Six Boy In Kisii Commits Suicide Over Poverty At Home

Suicide In Kisii Suicide Cases In Kenya

Dwellers of Nyosia Village in Nyaribari Chache are still reeling from shock and disbelief after a class six pupil took his own life over, allegedly, his family's poor living conditions.
Kaisa Okari's 14 year old body was found dangling on a rope in his bedroom by his parents on Wednesday.
The parents claim they had not discovered any red lights prior to the incident as the boy was perfectly normal and had not shown any signs of distress.
The boy's father, Francis Okari, was left at a loss saying they had had a family meal together and could only term the death as mysterious.
 A neighbor, however, said the boy had complained of the parents being unable to pay his tuition fee and other school needs.
He added that the boy felt agitated because his educational needs were not being met despite the fact that the parents had earned some income from the family's tea farm.
The area's assistant chief William Ombasa said that they had reasons to believe the boy took his own life after he felt his parents had neglected him.
Cases of suicide have been alarmingly on the rise in Kenya with people taking their lives left, right and center. Cases of suicide in the police force are particularly alarming as love triangles and discomfort with working conditions being center stage of police suicides.

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