Flamboyant Sonko Rescue Team In Trouble As Their Workers Strike

A brainchild of his flamboyant character, Nairobi Mike Mbuvi Sonko now realizes that every process needs structure.
In his ambitious manifesto that claimed that he would clean Nairobi city within 100 days, he needed workers to help him finish the duty.
He extended the work of the Sonko Rescue Team and 'employed' more youth to help with cleaning the city and improving services in Nairobi.
On Tuesday, 19 December morning, a group working for the Sonko team took to the streets to vent their frustrations over 8 months unpaid salaries.
When the officials of the team were contacted, they claimed that the demonstrators were just impostors who had not been on the official list. They further added that they had a malicious intent of spoiling the governor's name.
The workers made noise and made a list of demands, the core of which was to meet the Nairobi governor and share their troubles.
The group composed of about 120 individuals said that they had pending bills and it was unfair to treat them in a manner that was against the very intention of the governor.
Sonko promised to provide more jobs for youths in the county when he was sworn in after the August 8 election.
Rumours have been going around that the governor is not in good terms with his deputy governor and that Nairobi County is technically being run by the Central Government.

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