Here's Why You Need To Dump Your Smartphone For The New Nokia 3310!

Here's Why You Need To Dump Your Smartphone For The New Nokia 3310!
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It's time to go back to your roots! If you were born before the 21st century then your first phone, or at least your the phone your parents first owned was the legendary Nokia 3310. It was a cool phone. Sophisticated even. The design, at that time, was one to die for. People loved to dress the phone with thick covers that were suspended from the belt.
And who can forget the snake game? Epic!
But then a dark wave passed over Nokia 3310. First in the form of better peers. Thinner phones, with brighter colors and more games to play. People moved on, first slowly, then in a hurry. It became a shame to carry the phone. A parent wouldn't be forgiven for showing up with the Nokia 3310 during the visiting day in school.The final blow was the emergence of the smartphone.
Who would have seen coming the turn of events? The old phone is back like it never left. This time it is promising to stay. And no, the snake game did not die during the hiatus. It is back, only this time colored.
Here's Why You Need To Dump Your Smartphone For The New Nokia 3310!
Nokia 3310

One wonders why I would recommend that you dump your smartphone for the Nokia 3310. The phone's battery can last for up to a month on standby mode! Believe it or not, the phone will last for a whole day when being actively used. So for the farmers, long distance drivers, the traders in the streets, and many other Kenyans that are always on the move, this is a handy tool.
One major improvement we never saw coming is the introduction of a memory card slot that can accommodate up to 32GB. This is the entire database of Mdundo!
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The phone has 2G connectivity with no internet connection. That means your Whatsapp picture stays the same (if you had Whatsapp before migrating) and your Facebook status won't be updated. Don't even bring up Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube. But let it not escape you that we are in the business of saving that bundles money.
The mobile phone's website places its price at a whooping 49 pounds. Kenyans, this pretty much waters down everything I have said above.

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