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Adam and Eve, the curtain raiser to what quickly degenerates into humanity. As the narrative goes, the duo finally ate the fruit within which consciousness lay and failed us all.
Still very few look at this from a broader angle, what if they had eaten the whole fruit instead of the proverbial bite they took, would they have acquired a greater understanding and maybe fast forwarded  civilization many millennia? What if they had kept eating and woke up with 100% brain function, wasn't it the alpha of fruits after all.

We have it served to us of how the nakedness shocked them after indulging the fruit, so we do know they weren't cold or burned in the sun and neither were they embarrassed. This leads us to suggest the betrayal or rather the fruit flipped the switch in the duo, they woke up from a false reality into a truth so vivid they couldn't let go of the falsehoods.
Lost in it all they couldn't discern where one ended and the other began, attribute this to the later interaction with mates from the garden. Man went bonkers on the beasts. Wait
Did the beasts from the garden follow man when he got kicked out? In case they didn't is it laughable to presume man might have enticed them with some of the same fruit. Is that why some animals act way humanely than fellow animals,
From the point of which it all fell apart, too many possibilities have kept many awake most nights but of certainty is how all questions attract a certain degree of scripture says.
Everyone loves scripture says except when scripture was not strong armed into saying.

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