Is The Churchill Show Dying A Slow Death?

Is The Churchill Show Dying A Slow Death?
Churchill Show

Daniel "Churchill" Ndambuki is without a doubt the father of comedy in Kenya. The man is a legend with nine lives who has managed to evolve over the years at no time losing appeal to his audience. His rise to fame has been an upward curve. A likeable man, rarely finding himself in the scandals, he has grown to be a force to be reckoned with internationally. He was even featured on CNN's African Voices. And Kenyans believe in him. He is the most influential Kenyan comedian in the internet. His YouTube channel has more than 45 million views, his Facebook page has more than 2 million likes, his Twitter account has 150 thousand follower. He also has 132 thousand Instagram followers. These numbers speak volumes about his influence.
Is the churchill show dying a slow death?
Churchill the man

But not all Kenyans believe in him. Biko Zulu launched a scathing attack on his show and his comedians saying Churchill was funny when he was still hungry.
Churchill was only funny when he was hungry.
Awuor Arunga in a YouTube interview blasted him saying he is not even funny. The accomplished jazz trumpeter had no kind words for East Africa's biggest comedy show.

The Churchill Show has also on the receiving end of people that dislike tribal jokes. Most of the comedians in the outfit flourish in tribal jokes. Chipukeezy and Njoro use Kamba and Kikuyu accents respectively in their performances. They are not the only ones. It is a long list.
But Churchill Show could be dying. And it is not the tribal jokes or discovery of wealth or criticism that is killing the show. There is a new crop of comedians that have taken the industry by storm. And no, they are not in your favorite television channel at prime time. They don't have a production team with professional photographers, writers and producers. They come raw, on social media. Meet the new age of comedy in Kenya.
Every Kenyan on Instagram knows Seth Gor. A student at the University of Nairobi. He is funny. Extremely funny. He is a Viner, and a very good one at that. His parody of the #SaltBae video made continental headlines (he was featured in a Congolese news website). Most of his Vine videos on Instagram have more than 10 thousand views. And the captions are even funnier.

These videos are attracting large crowds. He has recently been on a media tour. Together with other friends, they have started a productions company, Vineyard Productions. And companies are coming in. A quick look at his Instagram shows ads from big firms like Safaricom.

Is The Churchill Show Dying A Slow Death?
Seth Gor
 Another fast rising comedian is Dr King'ori of The Wicked Edition. His show is based on the concept of late night shows in the US where shows like The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon have thrived. The Wicked Edition is an issue based show looking at the current events with a comical twist. It has received positive feedback albeit started only recently.
Is Churchill Show Dying A Slow Death?
Dr King'ori of The Wicked Edition

The group, Propessa, has also left the nation in stitches every time they upload a video on Facebook.The group of four has recently claim they don't edit their videos. Their camera of choice is a phone camera. The list goes on and on.
Are the fortunes tilting towards the new crop of comedians? It is only a matter of time before we all find out. Kenyans, as is known all over the world, move on very fast. When Nokia was acquired by Microsoft, the CEO of Nokia was tearful during the press conference of acquisition saying,  
We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost.
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