Launch Of Kenyan Government Newspaper A Big Blow To The Print Media

Launch Of Government A Big Blow To The Print Media.
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The government, on 8th of February established a government newspaper This was quickly followed by the government banning all forms of advertisements by the government on private print media. This includes job adverts, tenders and special announcements.
Government accounting officers who choose to defy this order will have to bear the costs of advertising on private print media that they decide  to use. They were given these instructions by the president's Chief of Staff and Head of Civil Service Joseph in a secret memo, Daily Nation has claimed.
The government newspaper will be circulated through The Star and People Daily. People Daily is a free of charge circulated newspaper that depends on ads for revenue. It is owned by the Mediamax Network Limited which also owns K24, Kameme Fm, Milele Fm, Pilipili Fm, Meru Fm and Mayian Fm.
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The government aims to reduce the cost of providing services to the public. Reducing the amount of money spent on ads will improve the quality of services being advertised.
This move comes at a wrong time for the print media that is fighting a myriad of challenges it faces. Technological advancements in the country are a big blow as people shift their focus to digitial media. Advertisers are already positioning themselves for the new frontier. Many firms are investing heavily in online marketing and production of digital content. This migration left the print media with a few advertisers and the government. The exit of government revenue could be the last nail in this coffin.
Already there are rumors circulating around that The Star could be wrapping up after failing to keep up with low sales, a high wage bill and a staggering competition from the country's main newspapers, Nation and The Standard. Nation Media Group which owns The Nation, was forced to shut down most of its radio stations in the recent past. They have since shifted their focus to the digital atmosphere.
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