The Kenyan Government Is Spying On You? Here's How To Stay Safe

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In the recent weeks, news in the mainstream media has revealed an elaborate plan by the Kenyan government through the Communications Authority of Kenya to spy on the every Kenyan with a phone. The government has denied these claims putting the blame on the telecommunication companies for misleading the public.
The government has insisted that the Device Management System it plans to implement is aimed at purging the counterfeit devices that have flooded the Kenyan market. The counterfeit devices make it hard to track criminals and their illegal activities. The implementation, they claim, will also curb device theft as any stolen device is denied services thus rendering it useless. The government will also reduce revenue loss as a result.
The leak of these plans, was without a doubt, leaked to the public by the telecommunication companies who the government had approached for the provision of subscribers' information. What remains sketchy is the goal the companies meant to achieve by this this leak. It could be genuine concerns about the security and privacy rights infringement of their users by the government. Others have said they were aiming to protect their business interests.
Is the government genuine in their fight against crime? Is the government honest about its plans? This program naturally looks suspicious in the eyes of the public, especially because of its timing. The country has only a few months left before the general elections are here.
The Kenyan Government Is Spying On You: Here's How To Stay Safe
Mr. Francis W. Wangusi, Director General of CA.

We have witnessed a global trend where governments are becoming increasingly mistrusting of their citizens and hence launching secret monitoring of devices in the disguise of fighting terrorism, drugs and human trafficking, organized crime among many other things.
Terrorism and crime are detrimental to development, and in most cases threaten human life. War against such vices is good for anyone conscious about peace and development. But at no point should anyone not involved with any of these vices be involved in the war. The blanket monitoring of citizens.
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It is not a secret that governments are now actively monitoring their citizens without their direct consent. If it is not your government, it is another government that your government is involved with, in a good or bad way. You just have to look at the recent developments revolving around Edward Snowden and the Russian hack. Your government is no different. Ever asked yourself how they got your number, and name in the notification messages? People were receiving messages from their area chiefs reminding them to vote. People who had never sought the services of a chief before!
Monitoring of your personal devices by anyone, let alone the government, is downright creepy. The thought of someone knowing who you talk to, your financial transactions, your movements, people you hang out with and many other things that touch the core of life, sometimes intimate even, should scare you.
The Kenyan Government Is Spying On You: Here's How To Stay Safe
Mark Zuckerberg having a tape over his laptop webcam

You should take safety precautions to ensure that the government doesn't take from you what have no legal backing to take. Use of encrypted messaging service providers like Whatsapp are a sure first step to protecting yourself. Taking time to scan your laptop of viruses and malware. Most of these spyware are identified and singled out by reputable anti-viruses like Kaspersky.
Also, when handling credit cards, and Mpesa transactions, how about you don't share information not required for the transaction?

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