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Recently I attempted cutting loose a relationship that was driving me into the firm ground in ways that'd shame the best pile drivers of WWE, it was what relationship experts call toxic.
Naturally it was the hardest to do owing the fact maybe if I waited longer she would give in and by ending it I may have forfeited the opportunity. I saw my intention through and I recall being mildly insulted. As the experts would deduce, there's something I took from the whole encounter. 
I was being used by her and many of her species to fill the gaping holes left by lesser men of earlier days. See there's an art in friendship and if well done perversions as the friendzone hardly would make the list. If one goes seeking romance and affection either finds it or doesn't. Except that currently a new option is given, let's just be friends. 
No! We cannot just be friends, either we are the textbook definition of soap opera romance or we stay strangers who meet in a public lavatory. And if another goes seeking just a friend, to mock and banter with but eventually meets affection, so be it. Not to digress, this is about the just friends.
The woman will just friend you and have her pelvis parted in obscene angles at wicked hours of the day in all the wrong locations. Obviously not by you. Nooo! You are damage control, she comes to you when the lust dies and the guilt defiled  Sunday school teachings won't let her say the apostles creed in one flow. She runs to you for absolution.
This is the singular most evil deed of the fair species, apart from the vengeance thing. Anyway, I tired of it and decided to cold turkey these women. The way they came to me torn and worthless had me wonder why they never learn after the first, second or sixth experience. Helen of Troy said to Hermione that whoever pursued their passions and desires must be ready not just to meet the consequences, but to do so without resisting, in that basket I lay all my hopes.
Morose from having to cloak their lust and promiscuity in my virginity, it dawned on me how behind my back they laugh amongst themselves at me and my gullibility so with that final message I avenged myself or hoped they'd not come seeking to make confessions.

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