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Might it be the devil at work or mere intellect that it recently occurred to me what people always are dying to know. Anyone with an itch for latest gossip either is dying to know what's up just as much as your last seven boyfriends are dying to know which of them is not the father. 
You are equally dying to know where I'm heading with my most current expose' . Be troubled not, for I suspect this sudden willingness to embrace death for a course trivial as knowledge is not a 21st century awakening. In fact I suspect it's earliest user and probably creator is Shakespeare.
In his tragedy Romeo and Juliet.
I faintly recalled recently of the plot to imbue Juliet with a mild poison of which she may be woken from by her suitor. Sounds a lot but just hold on, its not as complicated as your life. 
Romeo shows up at the graveyard i dare impose only to find dearly beloved so far gone by the poison much that he has an impulse to know if or not she actually is dead. Not knowing and wanting to know if she is dead, our knight decides upon an experiment and imbibes the remaining cocktail of poison thus rushing to his death.
Therefore, it seems very obvious that Romeo died to know if Juliet either was dead or not hence the catchphrase, dying to know.

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