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Rain that falls past 1900 hours always had a special place in my upbringing, it meant a license to roll up in the blanket, find Becky where I last left her, in the dimly lit room at the core of my mind and play all through the downpour. For quite sometime I enjoyed our meetings, trysts and the occasional hand holding, then it happened to occur that maybe if I exerted myself properly I'd meet Becky in the flesh. 
So I walked into the library and saw her, fine face, shimmering skin, troubled stares. He came and took her away before I could say my name. I ran after her, took her arm and body from him in my head while entirely dumbstruck like the day I asked another to come see me on stage and I couldn't stop trembling or the day I had her by my side and couldn't get my eyes off of the floor. In all my minor failings I didn't quit, still every rainy hour I thought of Becky and the joy she'd find in my eyes. How perhaps she was sullied in another room, across the road perhaps or closer than I thought. 
The online front in my quest for Becky got dark and messy very quickly, first I met Maria who insisted she survived the Chechen war and couldn't find love in Ukraine. I held her aged face in my heart and prayed to meet her, Maria asked me for plane tickets to come to me. Maria never emailed again. Winnie had a prominent forehead, Judith was only female by genitalia, I assumed for I never got to find out. Chantell loved her lovers feminine and tender, Lavender parted for the whiskey and well dressed boys. Terry was with child.
Yvonne was closer, 200km away she laughed and aaaw'd at my sentiment so sincerely I thought to go find her, I mentioned it to her and asked she show me her magnificent face, apparently I am of higher value in bride price than 200 artistic impressions of her face
Now it would be madness to proceed in this endeavor given all the screaming red lights.
I tried!!! Mama knows, everyone knows. therefore, I took matters into violently resolving my misfortunes that someday after cursing my luck I had a dream, she came to me in a familiar face and stirred my loins in sleep. 
Today I still seek her face in the crowds, with nothing but a most sober recollection of her feet. They that gently lay on my lap as we played in the dark core of my mind. I will find her.

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