Is Robert Alai Now Raila Odinga's Biggest Enemy?

Robert Alai Is Now Raila Odinga's Biggest Enemy
Robert Alai

Robert Alai was Raila's biggest voice online. A blog believed to be his, Kahawa Tungu was dedicated to supporting the man. He highlighted the former prime minister's achievements and exposed his enemies' shortcomings. On Twitter you couldn't portray Raila Odinga in bad light without rubbing Alai the wrong way. He was openly pro-ODM and strongly defended it during the grand coalition government.

The blogger has been in court several times for defamation  suits. These lawsuits were by extension the bullet wounds sustained from defending Raila and his party. He was wounded in the line of active duty. He was relentless and he pressed on and on. There was no stopping in sight for Kenya's blogging pioneer. In fact, he was only rivaled by his friend, Dennis Ole Itumbi who found a job in statehouse. The two fiercely fought, albeit in opposite directions, for the political leaders they believed in.
Robert Alai Is Now Raila Odinga's Biggest Enemy
Robert Alai in court

Things are no longer the same. The man has turned out to be Raila's harshest critic. His guns have been turned to the old man's face. Robert Alai now grabs every tiny opportunity to attack the 2017 presidential candidate.
Robert Alai Is Now Raila Odinga's Biggest Enemy
Alai In Statehouse 

If it is not Raila's age he is blasting, he is talking about the man's daughter being unable to sustain the political heat in Kibra and thus the brain tumor she is battling. He also regularly talks of Raila's dictatorial approach to leadership.
And now he has a conspiracy theory.
Robert Alai Onyango has sensationally claimed that Raila is a career politician who is only in politics for the business side of it. According to him, it has never been Raila's intention to become president. He contests for the sake of getting campaign donations, nomination fees from those wishing to get ODM certificates and pushing his business interests.
Many have had different explanations for his change of heart. Robert has previously complained of being neglected by Raila and his allies like James Orengo at his time of need, especially during court processes. He found it hard to still like the man after being forced to pay his own bail and lawyers yet he was defending him!
Robert Alai Is Now Raila Odinga's Biggest Enemy
Robert Alai in Statehouse with President Uhuru Kenyatta

Alai had expressed interest in running for Embakasi East parliamentary seat on an ODM ticket. He was on track and had even started campaigning. But from nowhere came Babu Owino who hit the road hard campaigning in every part of Embakasi East. Babu seems to have the ear of Raila Odinga who even endorsed him during a public rally. This really irked Robert Alai who must now chart his own political path.
Robert Alai Is Now Raila Odinga's Biggest Enemy
A Twitter user blasts Alai

Many are eager to see where Robert Alai's online tirades will lead him to.

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