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Drama As Miguna Refuses Second Deportation

Drama As Miguna Refuses Second Deportation

There was a nine hour standstill in Jomo Kenyatta International Airport after police officers tried to deport Miguna Miguna again when he entered the country. Miguna Miguna's flight EK 719 jetted into the country at 2.30 pm on Monday but he ended up spending the night at the airport.
The NRM general was denied entry by immigration officers on the account that he did not have a Visa and yet he is not a citizen of his country. But Miguna Miguna in his true fashion demanded to be allowed to enter the country saying he is a Kenyan by birth and did not require a Visa to access the country.
Demanding for his luggage and passport, he refused to board the Emirates flight that the security officers were trying to bungle him into. So fiery and violent was the altercation that the Emirates flight captain declared him a hostile passenger and demanded that the door of the plane be shut. The flight had earlier been delayed to have him board it.
The officers who had literally carried and tried to force Miguna Miguna into the Dubai bound plane became very violent and even threatened to shoot James Orengo if he did not stop the interview he was giving journalists. During the interview he declared that Kenya is a banana republic.
Raila Odinga who was present at the airport tried unsuccessfully to secure Miguna Miguna's entry. He later drove away from the airport without speaking to journalists. With him was Jimmy Wanjigi, Miguna Miguna's lawyers John Khaminwa and Cliff Ombeta.
The government's decision to deny Miguna Miguna entry is in open defiance to court's orders that had demanded that he be granted entry. Kenya Human Rights Commission had been tasked with ensuring that he returns safely.
Miguna Miguna has been very vocal about the government of the day terming it as illegitimate. He has been on a world tour promoting the ideologies of the National Resistance Movement.
After the famous handshake, he called Raila Odinga "Very Stupid" for reaching a deal with Uhuru Kenyatta saying people had died for him and it was a betrayal that he went for a meeting with Uhuru Kenyatta.
He boldly swore in Raila Odinga at Uhuru Park and dared the police to come and arrest him at his Runda home which they did. The events shortly after culminated in his deportation.

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