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USA, Donors To Pay Uhuru, Raila For The Handshake

USA, Donors To Pay Uhuru, Raila For The Handshake

Fresh details are emerging on how the West plans to bankroll the famous Uhuru Kenyatta - Raila Odinga handshake that ended hostilities between the two leaders who promised to work together moving forward.
The United States government through its ambassador to Kenya Bob Godec informed Raila that Washington was happy with his decision to strike a truce deal with Uhuru Kenyatta and they even offered technical support in the program that the two leaders promised to come up with.
The ambassador confirmed having offered support to the leaders but was non committal on the exact details of the support. He said that while Kenya's ethnic problems would take a longer time to solve, the two leaders' commitment was very instrumental in the healing process.
USA, Donors To Pay Uhuru, Raila For The Handshake
US Ambassador to Kenya Bob Godec

The Commonwealth Secretariat has also pledged to offer support once the two leaders come up with the program.
British and European Union diplomats in Nairobi are also meeting the two leaders to discuss the ways in which they can support the deal.
The foreign diplomats were largely the behind the scene forces that pressured the two leaders into dialogue and subsequent agreements. The diplomats had talked Raila into believing that his legacy of democracy and diplomacy was at the risk of being thwarted if he continued pushing for mass action and boycott as a way of settling his scores with the government.
Raila's party ODM had earlier assured the public that the deal was neither a power sharing deal, a formation of a coalition government nor would it be funded by the public. The party said Jubilee would remain the majority party in parliament while they would stick to their role of the Minority party that checks and balances the government.

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