The Life And Death Of Social Networks

The Life And Death Of Social Networks

The social media space has grown significantly over the years and we have seen tremendous changes in the ways that human beings interact online.
Many millionaires have been made in the process with a new career called social media influencing being born. The dynamics of marketing have also changed with the traditional means of advertising being dropped for digital advertising.
There are various social media platforms that we have seen come and go and their founders have gone ahead to become billionaires by either selling off their ventures or just growing bigger on their own.
The Life And Death Of Social Networks

The social media space is constantly engaging in self cannibalism as many of these social media sites fall into oblivion. These falls are attributed to bad boardroom decisions or irrelevance that comes with the millenials moving onto the next big thing.
One Reddit user has managed to capture the life and death of social networks in a brilliant graphical data display.
The Life And Death Of Social Networks
Graph Showing The Life And Death Of Social Networks
The graph shows that Whatsapp and Reddit have had their usage spike the highest. This could be attributed to the fact that Whatsapp does not sell ads and the general ease of use and beauty of Reddit.
SnapChat had tremendous grown but its popularity tanked recently due to the update that they effected early this year. This led to a mass exit of users with Kyle Jenner announcing on Twitter that she no longer uses the app. Rihanna also recently spoke against the app after they made fun of gender based violence.
The Life And Death Of Social Networks
Snapchat Hq

The usage of mySpace and Slashdot are at their lowest. Facebook's usage is generally low because of the privacy issues they have had involving Cambridge Analytica and their role in influencing elections around the world.
The Life And Death Of Social Networks

Twitter might need to introduce the edit button that its users have been begging for years now.
The Life and Death of Social Networks - Google Trends [OC] from r/dataisbeautiful

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