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Busia Students Brainwashed

Busia Students Brainwashed

The much needed rain has again proved too much for the nation. As the country soaks in the aftermath of an entire week of downpour ranging from impassable roads, overflow mixed with sewer refuse to mudslides and parting roads the devastation is clear and our unpreparedness even sharper in contrast.
In Busia county, students from Teso South were forced to flee for their safety when flood waters came pooling in their classes. Teachers and students each minding their own survival abandoned the classes for a more decent shelter within the compound. Classes remained flooded as students huddled together with teachers in the available classes making learning impossible.
Busia county governor has admitted to avoiding his office based on fears of county purse strings being attached to his neck by contractors and unmet dues.
This poor state of amenities runs rampant in many counties and one can only imagine the cost to crucial structures as education.

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