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Anerlisa Muigai Dumps Boyfriend. Again

Anerlisa Muigai Dumps Boyfriend. Again

Anerlisa Muigai, daughter of Keroche Breweries owner Tabitha Karanja, has dumped her latest boyfriend. The man joins a contingent of men who have dated Anerlisa Muigai and ended up being dumped in the face of the public.
While neither Anerlisa Muigai nor his boyfriend has said that their relationship is over, Anerlisa deleted all of his former boyfriend's photos from her Instagram page including the photos where she had the man's face concealed.
This is the fashion Anerlisa Muigai has always used to dump her boyfriends. First of all she posts a suggestive quote, followed by deleting your photos, then she unfollows you, stays away from the topic for sometimes, opens up about it in a series of long posts, and then introduces her new boyfriend.
She was recently involved in a much publicized debt case where it is alleged she borrowed money from a Shylock on behalf of another man who refused to settle the debt leading to an ongoing court battle.
The Kenyan media has strangely christened Anerlisa Muigai as "Keroche Breweries Heiress."

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