The Epic Transformation Of This Is Ess

The Epic Transformation Of This Is Ess

The lady who once sat on the throne of Kenya's ultimate sex symbol and arguably the most stalked in the country has gone through a magnificent transition from being a mere pretty face to making actual impact in the online community she has built over the years.
Sharon Mundia first came to the limelight through her fashion blog This Is Ess. Fashion blogging was still a new phenomenon in the country and she quickly gained followers.
Most of her readers were men who were not visiting the site to get fashion tips but to look at her beautiful pictures. Many people agree that she is the most beautiful celebrity the showbiz seen has seen.
The Epic Transformation Of This Is Ess
This Is Ess

From there onward it has been a climb for her, going ahead to conquer Instagram and YouTube and social media influencing.
Her engagement story broke the internet and traffic to her site where the story was shared blew off the roof. The site even crashed. Many people were disappointed that she was getting married but she did and had a baby shortly after.
The Epic Transformation Of This Is Ess My Engagement Story With Sharon Mundia
The Engagement Of Sharon Mundia

The marriage ended. She was dragged over the mud with allegations of cheating on her husband with two other women. Sharon denied the rumors that her husband walked in on her while she was having sex with two other women in her matrimonial bed.
Her husband was said to have been broken and stories of him going into alcoholism ran in various blogs.
The events after that messy divorce have seen us witness a different This Is Ess. She quit social media for a whole year. And even went into therapy.
She has since changed her approach to her posts on social media and YouTube. She talks about motherhood, emotional health, finance, among other things.She says she now surrounds herself with people who love and appreciate her.
I want to share with you content that will uplift you, entertain you and inform you. And I hope that whenever you come to this space, that it will leave you feeling better about yourself or excited about facing life.
We are seeing less of focus on sex, a topic that seems to be the most produced by content creators and the most consumed by the Kenyan audience.
She has recently started a project, #Better4Kenya together with Janet Mbugua and Adelle Onyango, that focuses on pushing for gender equality. This is something that is positively impacting considering the fact that gender inequality is one of the biggest ills in Kenya.

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