C-section Leaves Her Intestines Hanging

C-section Leaves Her Intestines Hanging
Childbirth, the best moments of motherhood all spring from this one event. More the joy for a new mother if there's twins.
However, this is not what was delivered Susan by the free maternal care so graciously offered by the government of the day.
Susan had her intestines sutured by our very qualified surgeons at the C-section unit after delivering her twin babies. This unfortunate event has left a lot of strings not attached. Her unbearable pain as she responded to questions is visible and her hanging intestines are not a good conversation starter either. They were left hanging for easy management and observation.
Her intestines have been left in her care given the unreliable nursing staff at KNH who even threatened her husband against transferring her citing they won't be responsible for any more costs despite the very obvious conclusion, they're doing nothing.
The mother of two has to breastfeed her babies on a different floor everyday and has to doodle her intestines out of the way wherever she turns.

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