They Value Trees More Than Our Lives

They Value Trees Than Our Lives
Charred remains are a fortune in Samburu County. Most of the livelihood revolves around making and selling of charcoal a commodity sought after in great quantities.
However, the nation's ambition and obsession with protecting trees and forest cover has come down hard on the people of Samburu. A people that draw food, shelter and monies from the trading in charcoal. Our nation that only wants to save something for future destruction should seek better means of maintaining and improving lives and forests.
Samburu charcoal burners are in distress since these events certainly snatch the food right from their mouths, they're appealing to the government of trees and forests to provide alternative sources of livelihood seeing to how it's the same government that has neglected them for years upon years.
They confidently express their desire to conserve forests but will not do it at the expense of their lives and that of their school going kids.

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