Bahati's Baby Mama Yvette Obura Struggling to Make Ends Meet

Bahati's Baby Mama Yvette Obura Struggling to Make Ends Meet

Little is to be desired from single parenting but that too has an appeal of its own, with the increasing access to information and declining judgement it's almost impossible for two consumers to agree.

Yvette Obura has had the worst of these days, after being abandoned while with child by then popular teen star Bahati.

Many days she didn't have meat for her stomach or a roof for her head but she managed somehow to make it out alive everyday.

Today she is the loveliest rendition of her self, steeped in the fountain of pure bliss itself, Yvette glows. She reveals her regimen led her to lose weight and her confidence begun waddling towards her.

She has not taken to the front page of the internet flaunting her new body as many would have done, the humble mother has opted to count her blessings and prosper in the shade of her happiness.

This purpose and singularity of mind came to her with motherhood.

Yvette shared a photo taken with her daughter by her side, the two are locked in a lover's gaze that is bound to leave one in a trance.

Mueni Bahati is the joy and saving grace of her mother, Yvette. The mother is solemnly unshakeable and devout through and through.

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