Lilian Muli Regrets Staying With A Luo Man For 6 Years

Lilian Muli Regrets Staying With A Luo Man For 6 Years

Lilian Muli has been many things and is still famed in many circles with her illustrious TV career and blossoming family life. 

However, it recently occurred to many people that she's as human as the next person is.

With issues of her own bogging her down, she took to polling her friends and followers on Instagram. Matters of life, love and light were broached. People talked, commented and had a nice chat waiting out the government directives.

From the top it was apparent she regretted something and a user who shared the regret inadvertently made it easier for Muli to speak about it.

Her cohabitation with Jared Ombongi for the last 6 years that didn't culminate in wedding jingles and all that glam but did leave behind two amazing children has been hounding her every waking moment of her life.

She regrets it, settling with him because it was safe and because of the babies. Sharing with her friends this glimpse into her ground reality she returns to remind the user that love comes again.

"Lol. You and me both honey! Mine six wasted years. You will love again."

She advised women to set standards and stick unapologetically to them.

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