Tragic Demise of Jalango's Career at Milele FM

Tragic Demise of Jalango at Milele FM

Felix Oduor has been a staple in the Kenyan entertainment scene for close to a two decades now, always innovating ressurecting and rebranding as the needs of the day demand.

After a wonderful father's day it quickly went south for him after being unable to come to common terms with the employer regarding his future at Mediamax where he has been doing the most listened to breakfast show.

"I was not at work today because we had not agreed on a lot of things and terms and even as we speak my HR had me on hold still discussing terms of employment. Unfortunately, we did not agree. So just like today, I won't be at work tomorrow or any other day. In short last Friday was my last day at Milele Fm."

In the hard hitting situations caused by the prevailing pandemic the entertainer expressed his gratitude and willingness to sit out while the company fights to stay afloat and urged his fans and colleagues onward.

"I want to thank the Mediamax management for the opportunity they gave me and every fan who was with us to the point we became the most popular and number one radio station in the country and to my brother Alex Mwakideu you know to the last drop of blood I love you! Keep shinning and being the best.

Some say his laying off is tied in some way to the boys club fiasco. Felix, popularly known as Jalango looks forward to meeting the fans needs through his YouTube channel BongaNaJalas.

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