"Wewe Wacha Ujeuri!" Uhuru tells Githeri Journalist who Pressed Him

"Wewe Wacha Ujeuri!" Uhuru tells Githeri Journalist who Pressed Him

Getting words out of the president is no mean achievement, getting the truth out of him is another thing on its own. As reporters and news chasers have come to accept, it is what it is.

During the much awaited parliamentary group meeting at the KICC journalists were at a significant loss from the very onset.

The president was to preside over the proceedings via zoom and nobody but the Jubilee Party members were to be allowed into the venue without their electronic gadgets. 

That the president himself couldn't resist attending the meeting in flesh says something about it's nature. 

Quick 22 minutes and the doors opened, releasing the delegation led by the president who was extremely evasive to the journalists.

Even when he was baited by one into addressing the nation, he tactfully saluted the unrelenting horde and kept advancing towards his motorcade.

On being backed up in what looked like an effort to squeeze a truth from the his presumed takeover of total government control.

"I want people to stay in harmony and peacefully, we shall say more about our future plans at a different day na wacha ujeuri wewe," responded Uhuru as laughter rung out from the discontent but impressed members of press.

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