Kikuyu Rockstar Muigai wa Njoroge summoned over controversial lyrics

Kikuyu Rockstar Muigai wa Njoroge summoned over controversial lyrics

John Muigai Njoroge is an acclaimed popular singer of gikuyu ballads and anti political anthems. However, his new release has landed him in quite the mess.

Ino Migunda, the song, has rebuked President Uhuru Kenyatta's government extensively and most dominant of the cause is the Kariobangi demolitions and unending graft.

"You have demolished houses belonging to the poor in Kariobangi despite the coronavirus pandemic and heavy rainfall. What is that urgency that you want to construct which can't wait? Some deeds are even beyond the devil's imagination!" go the lyrics in part

The National Cohesion and Integration Commission has summoned the hitmaker to appear at it's offices on 26th June to address concerns that some lyrics of the Ino Migunda song were inciting and pose a threat to the harmonious coexistence of diverse communities in the region.

Failure to attend the appointment will have him being charged for contempt.

The song has challenged the government's running by dynasties for oppressing the poor and in a promise of revolution the poor would overturn the dynasties and divide the land equally.

He also touched on the comical stance wherein the government can't provide masks yet can fit every one in a campaign t-shirt.

With this he joins the growing list of musical activists steadily on the rise in Kenya.

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