Beasts Among Us: A Tribute To Sharon Otieno

Not each of us is human. Amongst us live beasts and despicable creatures that have absolutely no respect for human life. They smile at us, they eat with us but they kill us when they disagree with us. We make mistakes because we are human. We have dreams because we are human.

This is a tribute to one Sharon Otieno.

We refuse to let her become just one statistic.
May she find peace in the land beyond.
May her tormentors pay the highest price.
May her family find comfort despite this torturous grief.

Sharon was young. We make decisions that we regret when we are young. We are just human. Sharon paid the ultimate price. She did not have to.
Carrying a baby is no mistake. Nature has laws it desires we follow.
No reason is more important than human life.

I got a chance to see the pictures of the deceased at the scene where she was found.
I regret it.
I really regret it.
Nobody deserves such treatment.
Nobody deserves such brutality.
This was a premeditated crime. This was pure hate.

They will come out and smile at us. They will come out and offer their condolences but not mean a single word of it.
Why are we letting them treat us like this? Why are we letting them kill our daughters, murder our sons?
So it's not your relative that died, but there's tomorrow.
Tomorrow it might be you because what goes around comes around.

Rest in peace Jaber.
We will never forget.

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