IT IS OVER: European Parliament Passes Restrictive Bill That Will Vet Your Internet Content

In Summary

In the Article 13 vote, the European Parliament has now endorsed #uploadfilters for all websites sparing only the smallest sites and apps.
Anything you want to publish will need to first be approved by these filters.
It is possible that perfectly legal content like parodies & memes will be caught in the crosshairs #SaveYourInternet

The Vote

Although it was fronted as part of internet copyright law, critics state that the law could make the internet more closed in future.

The European Parliament (EU) cast their votes on Wednesday 12 September to enforce provisions to copyright law that will definitely change the internet space for people within the EU.

The sub-articles comprise the use of "upload filters" to vet the sharing of unlicensed content online and the adoption of a "link tax," that will force firms like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft to pay publishers for showing snippets of news articles they're linking to.

Officially known as Article 13 and Article 11, the provisions were rejected in July. However, those advocating for the transformations amended the provisions ahead of today's vote.

Tweets of Disappointment

Here are some tweets that expressed disappointment in the vote;

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