Hurricanes Florence, Isaac And Helene Churn In The Atlantic As Hurricane Season Intensifies

The 2018 Hurricane season is upon us again as successive storms churn in the Atlantic cauldron. As of today, three hurricanes exist in the Atlantic Ocean. Hurricane Florence, Isaac and Helene are spiraling across the deep seas as they prepare to make landfall.

Wind Speeds

According to the National Hurrican Centre, Florence is now a category four hurricane with maximum sustained winds at 130mph, while Helene is quickly strengthening in the Atlantic ocean with maximum sustained winds of 105mph. Furthermore, Hurricane Isaac is moving at sustained wind speeds of 75mph but is showing little change in strength.

Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence was upgraded and is on track to hit East Coast as the major storm this week. On the American East Coast, shops are restocking shelves with water and bread, while supply stores sell a lot of plywood and generators as communities prepare for Hurricane Florence to strike hard later this week.

It is expected that Florence will strengthen as it moves toward North and South Carolina, where it could smash the area as the most powerful storm to hit the area in thirty years.

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster said, that the state is preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best. He added that the state has begun enforcing a law against price gouging.

Hurricane Isaac

Hurricane Isaac will spiral towards the West and carry major winds and heavy rain to the Lesser Antilles during the second half of this week.

Isaac is the 5th storm of the 2018 Atlantic season, is located roughly 1,300 miles east of the Lesser Antilles as of early Monday morning.

Hurricane Helene

Hurricane Helene continues to strengthen as it churned westward in the Atlantic Ocean on Monday.

The National Hurricane Center in Miami said Helene is strengthening quickly over the tropical Atlantic. Presently, it is located about 375 miles west of the Cabo Verde Islands, an archipelago near the African coast.

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