I Regretted My Wedding Within The First 12 Hours

A man shared his story on the internet of how he regretted his marriage within the first 12 hours after exchanging his vows. In the question and answer site, Quora, the man told his story while answering a question about regret after a marriage ceremony.

We had not slept together

While it takes many people a period of several months, even weeks, to get tired of their marriage, this Quora user was not so lucky.
He explained how he had misunderstood his new bride.

I regretted getting married within 12 hours of my marriage. We were just talking. It was our first night together. We had not slept together before marriage. I thought we were having a romantic conversation. I was wrong — 1,000% wrong!

The lady told him that she married him, not out of love, but because he was the only man in her life who was "stupid enough" to propose to her.

Marriage lasts for 12 years

Despite her shocking confession, this faithful man decided to give it her shot. After all, he had made his vow. For richer, for poorer. In sickness and in health.

Still, I tried — for 12 years! I guess I really was stupid. Then, finally, I divorced her, kicked her out of my apartment, and out of my life. I lost my job, my car, my savings, my apartment, and my ability to see my daughter on a daily basis. Somehow, I still managed to see my daughter, talk to her, hold her, play with her, if only for a few minutes each day. Today, my daughter is nearly 24, and she and I have a wonderful, loving relationship.

Out of my life

After the divorce, he added that his ex is still out of his life, and only spoke to her when they were at their daughter's school events. He concluded by saying how his daughter changed his life and how that is all that matters.

Regret and Psychology

Psychologists rate regret highest in the fulfillment of five functions. Although it is negative, regret helps in; (1) making sense of the world, (2) avoiding future negative behaviors, (3) gaining insight, (4) achieving social harmony, and (5) improving ability to approach desired opportunities (presumably because we regret past passivity).


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