Did Vijay Mallya Lie Or Has He Won Indian Hearts?

Vijay Mallya claims that he met Indian Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley before he left India.
In a quick rebuttal, Jaitley denied the claims saying they were false and out to tarnish his name.
Mallya, the Former Kingfisher Airlines boss, appeared before Westminster Magistrate court in London and he claims he met with the minister to sort out the issue with the banks.

Offer of Settlement

Is he telling the truth?
Minister Jaitley said that while at a Rajya Sabha session, Mallya approached him and uttered the words, "I am making an offer of settlement". He added that aside from this single sentence, he did not make an appointment to meet Mr. Mallya.
Speaking to the press, Congressman Abhishek Singhvi stated that the country is curious about what happened between the two men.

Twitter Speaks

What really transpired during their meeting? #IndiaWantsToKnow

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