Hot Exclusive: Bahati Finally Admits The Real Cause Of His Marriage Troubles

The rumor mill started spinning earlier this year that lovebirds, Bahati, and Diana Marua were in a rough patch in their relationship. Aside from all the rumors, Gospel singer Bahati today shared why he has had issues in his marriage.

In an interview on Kiss 100 with Chito Ndlovu, Bahati dodged his host's questions as he pressed him on what the issue was with Diana.
Finally, after some pestering he said;
Bahati: Every woman needs attention. I guess I did not give enough of this.
Chito: Do you mean your attention was on some other woman or person?
Bahati: No. My attention was on my music.
Bahati added that he is working to fix everything and ensure everything goes back to normal. He joked that he needed two weeks.
It seems there is still trouble in paradise and attention is the culprit. It will take time as Bahati continues to cement his position as the Kenyan Gospel kingpin.
On the other hand, eyebrows have been raised on whether his arch-rival, Willy Paul is still a gospel artiste. He did not comment on this issue during the interview.

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