Exclusive: Otile Hints That Vera Sidika Got Rid Of His Baby In New Single "Niacheni"

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They say that a man with a broken heart has nothing to lose. Hours ago, we got a glimpse into the failed relationship between musician Otile Brown and socialite, Vera Sidika. Mocked by many as a relationship that was dead on arrival, Kenyans were pessimistic about the future of their love affair and callously made memes about them.

Break up

True to expectation, they did break up in what some assumed to be a PR stunt so magnificently tailored for the gullible Kenyan masses.
Just as we began moving on, Otile threw hot coal on our heads and his latest song,"Niacheni" that assumes a somber and sad tone is a track packed with so much emotion.

It hurts

Maneno yatanichoma moyo, ila hayawezi kunizuia...the song begins.
Tena ni dhahiri, ni dhahiri unanichukia..
Usijifanye kama hujui, tatizo ni mimba yangu uliyoitoa..


He adds how he loved her despite her problems and weaknesses. He laments how he fought on her behalf.
This song is pure sorrow but he gives himself home by saying that "I will do better."
Immediately after he released the song, Youtube users had interesting comments.

Hem Okondo had some advice for Otile Brown in the comments of his sad ballad; " Any lady who aborts without your knowledge deserves to be dumped, just like Vera (๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”). I hope he reads it.

Brobox added his comment: Kali sana.
Maneno ya mimba sio mchezo,we will investigate the matter and all those who are involved will be brought to book .
Youtube Police๐Ÿ”ฅ

Here is the video;


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Exclusive: Otile Hints That Vera Sidika Got Rid Of His Baby In New Single "Niacheni"

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