Telkom, Airtel Remain Internet Kings As Safaricom Bows Out Of Cheap Bundles Race

For reasons unknown to us, Safaricom has silently exited the cheap bundles' race that is bossed by Telkom Kenya and Airtel.

Telkom and Airtel made it available for users to access one gigabyte or more of data at less than 100 shillings. To take matters overboard, Telkom has crazy offers such as the daily 500MB at Ksh 49 and 2GB at Ksh 99, which are favorites for clients. Airtel also has insane offers that are in the same price range or even cheaper.

Safaricom tried to compete with the other networks providing a new bundle that retailed at Ksh 99 for 1 GB per day.
This offer ended this week and they reintroduced other offers that are more expensive.

Safaricom's latest daily internet bundles
Safaricom's only advantage is their widespread network and MPESA, which many users admit, hooks them to the service provider.
Telkom Kenya's strategy is clearly working as they see a rise in subscribers with an increase in internet users on their network.

Safaricom has also faced numerous complaints of marketing messages that get sent to their subscribers without their consent. When users complain, they are advised to unsubscribe from the messages, which they didn't opt into in the first place.

In a case of "Too Big To Fail", Safaricom's monopoly is counterproductive as it results in customers not trusting them like they used to.

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