Form Four Student Shot Dead In Kisumu Demos: Luo Bloodshed Continues

Vihiga High School Student Shot Dead In Kondele NASA

A form four student from Vihiga High School has become part of the statistics of those whose lives are being claimed by NASA deadly protests as he lost his life while going to buy an ice cream from a vendor in Kondele today.
The boy, who was away from school for not paying school fees, was shot in the neck by the police as he tried to hide away from them.
The police were engaging the protesters in a deadly battle after they barricaded the roads despite CS Fred Matiang'i banning protests in Kisumu, Nairobi, and Mombasa.
The boy's mother, Caroline Okello, says she had warned the boy not to go out citing the violence involved during the protests. Both the police and protestors have resorted to brutal force in a political stalemate that is now taking casualties day in day out even as the politicians continue to take hard stances.
An eyewitness Michael Odhiambo who is 21 years of age, confirmed watching the murder as he talked about the process. He said he watched as a police officer, whose identity we have not confirmed, just pointed his gun at the18-year-old and squeezed the trigger.
This is not the first incident as two were shot in Raila's backyard as the police claimed they had raided a police station to steal arms.
May the deceased rest in peace.

This is a developing story. More details are underway from our news desk.

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