Revealed: Why Secondary School Teachers Hate And Look Down Upon Primary School Teachers

Okay, "hate" is a strong word. Let's call it "despise". There exists an unspoken hatred between secondary school teachers and their counterparts from primary schools. Here are four reasons why these two never rate each other highly.

  1. Education- As a teacher in high school, you probably went through campus. You shared hostels with the engineers and doctors of this nation. You were in an institution of higher learning. On the other hand, Teacher Training Colleges yield our primary school teachers. So you feel entitled and better than your counterparts. That's evil.
  2. Money- Teachers in secondary schools earn better than those in primary schools. We are both dealing with children. Why should they earn more?
  3. Intellect- When you teach Chemistry, you need to be smart. When you teach Physics, you are a genius!! You tend to look down upon that Science teacher yet they teach broader topics than you.
  4. Free Time- While secondary school teachers struggle to finish syllabi and ensure their students are ready for the national exams, they have less free time. They feel their pay is not proportionate to the time they spend. Not a good reason to feel bitter though 

Finally, I teach 'students' and you teach 'pupils'. That notion brings up so much unexplained pride.

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