5 Articles Showing We Live In A Strange World

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When we encounter strange events and experiences, we conclude that we know nothing. Perhaps it is best to mind our own business and pretend that the weird does not exist. Here are five articles from around the world that confirm this fact.

10 Strange Mysteries From Around The World That Are Still Unsolved - Listverse

All things that cannot be explained remain an intriguing conversation topic for many people around the globe. Some mysteries, however, are more interesting than the rest simply because of how weird they are. Villages in general are not strange. Villages in China are also not strange.

Weird news: funny, strange & odd news stories - Mirror Online

The best strange but true tales that have to be read to be believed at Mirror.co.uk

Black cloaked shadow floating around an apartment building sparks witch mystery

A black cloaked shadow hovering around an apartment building is believed to be a 'witch' according to the residents. At one point in the clip, the shadow seems to be floating around the top balcony of the building before appearing to fall. However it hovers in mid air, before rising back up to the top floor again.

ALIEN ABDUCTIONS: Why so many people 'are taken'... a look at the evidence

Growing numbers of people claim to be a so-called "abductee" and there are even those who claim hey are alien/human hybrids after their mothers were taken and injected with extraterrestrial DNA. So could this bizarre phenomenon actually be taking place.

Man Lived With Corpses Of Mom, Twin Brother For A Year

A man who lived with the decaying bodies of his dead mother and twin brother for more than a year said he didn't report their deaths because he was traumatized. Robert James Kuefler, 60, was charged last week by police in White Bear, Minnesota, with interference with a dead body or scene of death, a misdemeanor, according to "Inside Edition."

Join the love train

We've covered a fair few strange love stories here at BBM over the years. There was the guy who married his dog, there was the woman who married herself, and there were even a couple of blokes who married Katie Price. Frightening stuff.

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