#LuoLivesMatter It’s Time We Talk About This

Enhanced photo of monk Thich Quang Duc who set himself on fire to protest the persecution of Buddhists by the South Vietnamese government. Photo taken on 11 June 1963. PHOTO | Malcolm Browne
Seeing a dead body will horrify you today. Seeing a dead body tomorrow will be scary but less than today. If it happens for a week, your mind will accept it as normal. So long as you and your family are alive, then you can brush it off. #LuoLivesMatter

Nursery school children now know the effects of teargas. Women have been beaten and raped. Men are dead.  However, none was your child, sister or uncle. So it is normal, right? “They were told not to go outside. We told them to accept and move on. It is their fault.”
In a normal demo, people come out to express their disgust or disapproval at something or the government. Peaceful means singing and walking along roads. However, our society has nurtured the concept of burning tires on the roads. That makes a demonstration complete. Every market has mad men and when you have disillusioned men on the streets, they will express anger in whatever way they see fit.
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PHOTO | Jenny Luo

Bring politics into the matter and you have a problem. There are two sides. Pro-government and the opposition. The government will show their force through police, men and women called to serve but who end up beating those they ought to protect. When you have officers who feel entitled, as part of the government, they will ‘maintain law and order’ by use of force. The video of armed police beating up individuals in Kisumu was such.
When you are entitled and feel that the death and suffering of people in a certain area is normal, you forget one thing. Tides turn and coins flip. You propagate a culture of insensitivity.
The people of Kisumu are crying but for some reason they still rise to protest. For them, it is better to die than continue a life of hopelessness. However, you still say, “It is their fault.”

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