UhuRuto Government Was Formed In My House: Jimi Wanjigi Declares

Jimi Wanjigi

In an absolutely RARE address to the media and the public, businessman Jimi Wanjigi has come out to say that the current UhuRuto government was formed in his house. While speaking to the press after the police raided his home, Mr. Wanjigi said that this was all political.

He said that Uhuru Kenyatta's and William Ruto's government was formed in his house in 2013 and the deal that saw the two vie for the presidency was hatched under his roof. He also added that Raila Odinga had come to meet Uhuru Kenyatta in the same Muthaiga home when the Supreme Court validated the election in 2013.
The businessman said that the police had illegally broken into his home, destroyed his property and even harrassed his wife. During the press briefing, lawyers and politicians allied to the NASA coalition were present.
Wanjigi's father was also present and he condemned the raid saying the perpetrators had blurred the line between politics and family.
Jimi Wanjigi also said that it was his democratic right to support whomever he wished and this should not be used to persecute him.
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