You Might Die During NASA Demos Today, Heavily Armed Man Planning Mass Murders

Aalico Ohodha NASA Killings

In a series of chilling posts, a Facebook user has detailed his plans to kill people during NASA demonstrations today.
The man Aalico Ohodha has said he will kill as many "dogs" as he can today during the demonstrations even as he recognized the fact that the end of his days were beginning.
Tomorrow will be the beginning of the end of my days on this I pray to God that should I go down tomorrow during the demonstration I will have to take as many dogs as I can with me.
While it is not clear which side of the political divide he intends to massacre, he has talked of "luo to the end" in one his posts.
Aalico Ohodha NASA Demos Killings

The police through the Chief Inspector Joseph Boinnet has warned people to beware of him and treat him as a threat. He has said they are trying to establish his location.

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Aalico Ohodha NASA Killings


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