Raila Opens Floodgates As He Announces Demonstrations On Election Day

Raila Odinga has reiterated his call to supporters to boycott the forthcoming elections saying he will not participate in the process with the IEBC staying as it currently is.
He also took this chance to announce that they will resume their mass action on October 26th, the same day the elections are to be conducted.
Raila Odinga took the chance to tell his supporters that IEBC is being run from State House and cannot be trusted to conduct a credible election.
This is happening at the same time Roselyn Akombe decided to throw in the towel and resign from her position from the IEBC. She cited threats to her life and circumstances that compromise her principles.
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Raila Odinga has taken a strong stance and it seems nothing in sight will relent his plans which are currently unknown by Kenyans.
Having demonstrations on election day brings a new twist to the already messed up situation as it is unclear what will happen should the demonstrators decide to engage those going to vote.
Polling stations are heavily guarded by armed police men and any effort to breach polling stations will be met with brutal force.

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