Of Scapegoats And Demons: Why Raila Odinga Has Always Been Hated Yet Loved

‘Raila Odinga Will Never Be President.’ That is the most famous anti-Raila marketing gimmick in Kenya. Through the past three elections (2007, 2013 and 2017), it has been drilled into the minds of Kenyan voters. Is it true? Only time will tell.
Ever wonder where money comes from? No. Not the government. Money is created by private central banks by simply typing it into existence.
Out of thin air.

When Raila Odinga joined forces with Mwai Kibaki in 2002 to rid the country of the 24 year KANU and Moi rule, Kenya was at the height of ecstasy. Truly, immense progress followed during the 5 years after that bar several high-profile corruption cases. However, power is addictive and sweet. You make a deal but forget it as soon as you acquire power.
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When Mr. Odinga declared an interest in the presidency in 2007, the proponents of status quo had to think quickly. It is next to impossible to get rid of such a high profile individual, so next step is to attack his personality. Next, the mention of ‘uncircumcised man’ rose and this tapped into the emotion of voters. That probably solidified the extreme love and hate of the man that we know up to now. It comes up repeatedly to stir up emotion.
Out of thin air.

Most people, when their beliefs are challenged, hold onto them as though they are a life vest on a sinking ship. The problem is that often times; their beliefs are the sinking ship.”- Mark Manson

Of course, Luo Nyanza adores him because he is one of their own. Over the last  two decades, he has gained support from other communities too. Communities who embrace circumcision. He has been accused of using witchcraft etc. That is when you realize, it is not the point. He is a scapegoat.
Recently, an opportunity to tarnish his image came up when pictures came up during his time in Zanzibar and it was clear as hordes came to attack him while scores of others supported him.

The man is a seasoned politician and therefore uses his influence to shake up government. Though many argue his power is waning, Kenya cannot mention democracy without him. He has even said that his participation in Kenyan politics has never been about him. A few do not want him to be president for their own reasons. Human minds are malleable and it is easy to shape thoughts and perception. Appeal to emotion and you get your vote. Overall, there remains two lanes, the haves and have-nots.
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