Hilarious, Insane And Strange Internet Language You Knew Nothing About

There are the normal LOL, LMAO, and IKR but did you know what other internet short forms and slang mean in full. Here are 18 you knew nothing about;

AMA- Ask Me Anything
DAE- Does Anyone Else?
TL; DR- Too Long, Didn't Read
TIL- Today I Learned
QFT- Quoted For Truth
PAW- Parents Are Watching
NSFL- Not Safe For Life
NSFW- Not Safe For Work
MIRL- Me In Real Life
MFW- My Face When
JSYK- Just So You Know
IMO/IMHO- In My Opinion/ In My Humble Opinion
ICYMI- In Case You Missed It
HIFW- How I Felt When
Headdesk- When you are extremely frustrated.
FTFY- Fixed That For You
FML- F*** My Life
ELI5- Explain Like I'm 5

If you knew at least five of these, you should be proud of yourself. Bravo!

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