Flossing, Violence And Brains: Luo Nyanza Is A Three-Sided Coin

Former President of the Uniterd States, Barack Obama. PHOTO | WDKX.com
Churchill Live, Gor Mahia fans, and Otiende Amollo. The Luo present three sides of the same coin. When talking about romance and pride, Kenyan comedians draw from the Lake.  When you mention violence, you talk Gor Mahia after they lose a match. You talk of Kisumu and Kibra when they say their votes have been stolen. Finally, when you talk lawyers, engineers and intellect, they still feature.

A society shapes perceptions and when your people are known to be flashy and wealthy; you will try to fit into the shoes, even without feet. Although there are numerous wealthy Luos, there also exist the poor ones. From a culture of proud people, you make YOLO your motto. Enjoy the good life but it comes at a cost. While others are brought up in a culture of frugality, Luos are proud and will not admit liability unless they have no choice.
A proud people tend to be extreme when defending what they think is right (whether legit or not). Kenya calls this ‘rowdy’ and ‘violent’. At this point, it is fundamental to note that their main methods are stone throwing and arson. However, murder is another matter. Judging from the weight that funerals have in Luo Nyanza, these people stay away from murder. You would rather destroy replaceable property.
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Barack Obama, Lupita Nyong’o, Tom Mboya. Sons and daughter of the soil that represented the community. After Kenya’s independence in 1963, the Luo represented the country in the education sector. Intelligent ones got an education with an intention of giving back to the community. Politics also came in, and Luo Nyanza has had its share of progressive minds in politics.
Overall, although unique in their own way, they are part of a nation and any chance to give to your neighbor is important, because he will always have what you do not. Communities should come together and feel they can access similar opportunities while everyone brings their uniqueness.
Flossing, Activism and Brains.

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