7 Reasons You Are Always Broke AF!

Look here. I always try to be diplomatic and act nice when talking about money issues. Today is not that day. I'm gonna give it to you straight up! You earn some money but your bank account is always empty before next paycheck.
Babies won't read this. Y'all adults so I'll be blunt. This is why you are broke.

  1. Your social life is too active. So you think you'll leave the house and not spend money? What are you? A nun? Anytime you leave your house be ready to spend money. So leave your ATM at home and carry just enough to live by. Nothing will happen. Stop being a scaredy cat!
  2. You pay five times your budget for a meal to look cool. Look, we all want to seem rich to our friends. Fake it till you make it, right? Well, if your pockets are shallow you are digging your financial grave.
  3. You have an iPhone. Or probably not. But you always go for the latest phone in the market and blow your budget. If your old phone call still makes calls, browses the internet and takes pictures, stick to it until you can 'afford' another one.
  4. You have amnesia. This is a medical condition that you suffer from immediately when you are paid. You forget that you have to pay bills and eat until your next paycheck. YOLO, right.? Gerrarahia!
  5. You are in a relationship and forget that loving another needy human being is expensive.
  6. You are a girl and girls should live beyond their means and slay. They should keep up to the latest trends and fashion. Why you forgetting that pizza is not food. That garbage is too expensive and it ruins your body.
  7. You are unemployed. You are picky with jobs and fantasizing to get married to the Prince of Saudi Arabia or the Princess of Norway. Get a life!

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